Welcome to our blog. We’re Dan and Bernice and we’ve jacked our jobs in to go sailing to and round the Med. We’ve had this idea for a while, but now we’ve committed. The house is rented out, Murt the Turt (our tortoise) has a new home ….

5 Responses to “About”

  1. Geoff & Kathy

    Have read your blogs. Very amusing and interesting. We can see no ships but think there may be a book just visible on the horizon.

    • Dan

      You’ll have to check out today’s upload of my Bay of Biscay Video Diary – Day 3 . Video is the future!

  2. juronnie

    Dan – how did you upload your blogs at sea? Especially the videos. The little one I put up on my test blog took ages to upload, and that was from home. Can you do it from your mobile phone? Or do you need to use your sat phone (in which case, doesn’t it cost a fortune?)

    • Dan

      Hi Julian. Videos are a pain, I was leaving them to load all night or spending hours in cafes getting steadily more wired drinking many a Capacino! I think you will be lucky to get the upload speed required to load at sea. Sat phone speeds are lower than old modem connections unless you buy a really expensive system. I don’t think it’ll work that well.

      Have you got a Mac. Mars Edit will help you create blog items while your at sea. You can lay out the text and media (photos only) and upload by the click of a button when you’ve got an internet connection. Saves having to be online all the time to edit your content.

      WordPress also do an iPhone iPad app, that I haven’t tried editing with yet.

  3. juronnie

    Thanks Dan. Yeah – I’m on a Mac. I’ll try that Mars edit, and maybe try the WordPress app while I’m still here and see if I can get it to work.



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