“This beats a dreary morning at Kingsthorpe Waitrose” I cheerily say to John as I walk down the pontoon. It’s a sunny start to the day in Tersane Bay and where are we heading? The supermarket of course!

Walking to the shops

Morning in Tersane Bay. An easy stroll to Carrefour.

Every time I visit one of the floating shops I still can’t quite get over it. We’re in the Bay of Göcek, an area of outstanding beauty and unparalleled convenience for sailors. Run out of toothpaste? No problem, just visit the next shop that effortlessly glides into your bay. No milk for the morning? No worries, just hail the supermarket on your VHF (that’s a radio to all you non boating types). You can use a mobile phone too. It’s all too easy. Carrefour will also pull straight up to your boat. Simply let them raft up, hop aboard and do the shopping run.

Rafted up next to Carrefour

The shop comes to you! Rafted up next to Carrefour at sunset in Tomb Bay.

This does make a nice change. Usually we arm ourselves with rucksacks and shopping trolleys and head off to the nearest land based supermarket. Fully loaded up we heave it all back to the boat, sweating profusely in the Mediterranean sun.

List in Hand

List in hand. Let’s go shopping!

We lazily step off the pontoon and onto the boat. It’s all there: bread, cheese and booze… well it is a French supermarket after all! The amazing thing is that the prices are not that different from the mainland. It’s a great place to meet your friends too and exchange some tall tales of the sea. Today John is perusing the aisles with us.

Inside Carrefour

No John, the Melons are in Aisle 1!

Checkout with a view.

Checking out the groceries next to the ship’s wheel!

There are lots of small independent vendors over here too providing a range of services. You’ve got to hand it to the Turks, they are incredibly entrepreneurial and very hard working. In the mid-day heat the Gözlume lady will pop round in the ‘Pancake Boat’ and cook you a feast. Just when you have a craving for just one Cornetto, you hear the purring of an engine and a cheery voice hollering “Ice Cream!”. Does life get any easier?

Pancake lady

A hungry customer looks on while the Gözleme lady cooks lunch.

The real show stopper round these parts is the Migros boat. The first time we saw it was from a distance when we first rounded the corner into the Bay of Fetiyhe. A large cruiser just sitting there in the distance.

“What’s that?” inquired Bern “Is it the Coastguard? It’s big!”

“I’ll get the binos”

“It says Migros on it! It can’t be?”

But it is. This is a wonder boat. A giant of an online floating superstore.  What’s more, when you hail them, you get a super fast rib ride thrown in to get you from your vessel to the store which adds to the fun.

The Migros Boat

The Migros Boat – one of the seven wonders of the sailing world!

We’ll leave you with a short movie to get a flavour for the Göcek shopping experience on Migros. We’ll never make actors, directors or editors, but we hope you enjoy. You never know it might encourage you to come to Göcek and experience it for yourself. We’d highly recommend it.